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Body Treatments

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A range of natural therapies that reflect our seaside location


Body massages at The Well are targeted to your specific needs, whether you are seeking to galvanise a sluggish circulation, relieve stress and tension or simply relax.

Wraps and scrubs at The Well make use of natural ingredients from Bora Bora White Sand to Irish seaweed, the marine ingredients helping to detoxify at a deeper level.

Our bathing therapies take place in two special outdoor baths, allowing you to breathe the fresh sea air while soaking in a hot bath infused with revitalising, natural products.


Anne Semonin Full Body Massage –  55mins – €90

Your therapist recommends one of four intensive complexes and warm botanical oils by Anne Semonin designed to detoxify, de-stress, uplift your mood, or complement fitness.

Hot stone Full Body Massage – 75mins – 115
A full body massage using heated basalt stones to promote deep relaxation and quality sleep.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage –   25mins – €55  –  with Hot Stones – €65
A powerful stress-relieving massage with thw option of hot stones. This targets tension in the back, neck and shoulders.

Anne Semonin Mistletoe Relaxing Scalp Treatment –  45mins – €65
A deeply relaxing and healing treatment for the face, neck, shoulders and scalp.

Anne Semonin Anti-Stress Back Therapy –   55mins – €90
A self -heating mineral mud treatment for the back,neck and shoulders is designed to release tension and combat tight muscles,meanwhile the back, feet and lower legs are massaged to improve relaxation and circulation allowing a powerful sense of wellbeing.

Voya Organic Detox Herbal Bag Massage –  55mins – €95
Warmed poultices of organic calming chamomile, detoxifying peppermint or stimulating fennel complement this full body massage.

Voya Seaweed Hot Stone Massage –  75mins – €125
Seaweed and hot stones work together in this dual-action body treatment to soothe muscles and soften skin.

Voya Dry Body Brush and Massage – 75mins – €100
A stimulating treatment including a dry-brush body exfoliation followed by a full body massage.

Voya Voyager Massage Journey – 90mins – €125

A complete top to toe relaxing journey incorporating scalp and face massage, stretches and body massage that replicates the movement of the sea combining both gentle and stimulating movements. the ultimate luxury treatment to relieve aches and pains tailored to individual needs.

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Nude Warm Sand Body Ritual 85mins – €130
White sand from Bora Bora and aromatic oils detoxify and sweep away dry skin followed by a full body massage re-awaken the senses.

Anne Semonin Warmed Aromatic Oil and Sea Salt Scrub 

55 mins – €95
 An enriching and moisturising body wrap to smooth and brighten skin tone, ideal for that special occasion.

Anne Semonin Detoxifying Spirulina Envelopment
55 mins – €95
A detoxifying and energy boosting treatment, this powerful cleansing and remineralising treatment help boost circulation and naturally re-metabolises the body to kick start and maintain the elimination of toxins.

Anne Semonin Hydrating Pink Kaolin Clay Envelopment
55mins – €95
An ultra-hydrating body wrap using plant complexes and pink Kaolin clay to reveal smooth, supple, rehydrated skin.

Anne Semonin Body Polish 45 mins – €65
A natural salt and oil body polish that nourishes skin and is especially beneficial before a body massage.

Voya Organic Seaweed Body Envelopment 90 mins – €120
A firming and detoxifying body treatment that leaves the skin hydrated and silky smooth.

Voya Dry Body Brushing Ritual 75 mins – €100
A stimulating treatment to improve blood and lymph flow, which includes a full body massage.

Organic Warm Spiced Mud Wrap Scrub  65 mins – €100
Enjoy a luxury mud wrap with seaweed from the ocean combined with purifying elements of peat to produce a mud wrap rich in potent antioxidants, minerals and enhanced with ginger and cinnamon. Detoxifying and anti-ageing.

Time to Shine Body Buff  55 mins – €90
A full body scrub exfoliates with finely ground walnut shells and nourishes your skin with a blend of almond oil, seaweed ang ginger extracts, followed by a back, neck and shoulder massage.

Ocean Essence Wrap 65mins – €100

This is an organic wrap treatment that stimulates the blood and lymph flow. It is an excellent skin rejuvenator with the smoothing and moisturizing effects of seaweed.


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Unique among luxury spas in Ireland, our bathing therapies take place in two special outdoor baths, allowing you to breathe the fresh sea air while soaking in a hot bath infused with revitalising, natural products.

For optimum results we recommend a full body exfoliation (please allow 30 minutes for this, before your bathing experience).

Each bath costs €40. With exfoliation €65. The time for the bath is 45 minutes.

 Organic Seaweed Bath
A skin plumping bath that relaxes muscles and supports skin rejuvenation using organic seaweed harvested from the Irish coast.

Aroma Salt and Essential Oil Bath Therapy
A healing soak using a blend of salt with lemon, lime, clove, basil, mandarin and patchouli essential oils to relax and re-hydrate.

Organic Peat Bath
Irish peat and ginger work to soothe away aches and pains and relieve stress and fatigue.

Cliff House Bathing Therapy

Enjoy soaking in Voya’s organic Lavender grain and seaweed oil bath, submerge yourself into the entising water and allow the infusion to work it’s magic

Organic Lavender and Seaweed Sugar Exfoliation 

This treatment uses a medley of ingredients including organic seaweed, organic lavender buds and organic sugar to invigorate, exfoliate and nourish the skin.
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